Kitchen Knife Sharpener


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  • 3 step Sharpening design : The new Innovative 3 way sharpening system gives you incredible results in knife sharpening effortlessly.
  • The 1st step features a diamond sharpening rod which repairs and straightens damaged blades.
  • The 2nd slot designed to sharpens the knife in order to restore its V-shape. Finally, the 3rd step finished by the aviation ceramic to fine tunes for a sharp effect and a clean polish.
  • Easy to use with safety handle. This new portable kitchen tool works great for both right and left hand people without extra effort.
  • Its ergonomically designed handle and sturdy base make it much comfortable and safe to use.
  • Place the knife blade in each slots and gently pull the knife few times to restore your knife in matter of seconds. Don’t move the knife blade back and forth within the slots.
  • High Quality and Easy to clean : This revolutionary knife sharpener crafted from strong and durable ABS plastic and its better for a lifetime use. It is really handy and easy to clean by placing the sharpener under running tap water or using a wiper. Please keep the sharpener dry after use
  • 100% satisfaction guaranteed : We are confident that you will be highly satisfied with this new handy knife sharpener. If you are not 100% happy about this product, please feel free to contact or return this product and we will give you full refund or new replacement.

Additional information

Weight 8 oz
Dimensions 8 × 4 × 1 in


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